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Membership in the Professional Football Writers of America is open to those who fit the following criteria (PFWA membership application is at bottom of this page):

1. He/she must be employed by a media organization of general circulation, which regularly assigns reporters to cover professional football.

2. Such an employee must be one of the following:

  • A. A reporter assigned regularly to cover professional football.
  • B. A sports editor, assistant sports editor or head of a sports desk.
  • C. A regular sports columnist.
  • D. Anyone certified by his/her sports editor as a football specialist who is not covered in paragraphs A, B or C.

3. Anyone who does not qualify under sections 1 and 2 above may be granted membership on a case-by-case basis by the membership committee and president, but only if the applicant meets the following criteria:

  • A. He/she is an employee of a weekly newspaper or news magazine, which covers professional football on a regular basis, and the applicant is assigned to such coverage.
  • B. He/she is an employee of a daily newspaper of specialized circulation (such as a foreign language or neighborhood newspaper) which regularly assigns reporters to cover professional football.
  • C. He/she is a sports editor or regular columnist of a daily newspaper of general circulation that does not regularly assign reporters to cover professional football.
  • D. He/she is an employee, editor or owner of a web site which specializes in professional football.
  • E. He/she is a writer for a media enterprise who primarily is responsible for covering professional football or related subjects such as college football as it pertains to the NFL Draft.

4. In addition to meeting appropriate criteria for acceptance at outlined herein, in order to maintain membership status, members must actively support the purposes, policies and goals of the PFWA as outlined in Article II of this PFWA Constitution. Failure to do so will result in termination of PFWA membership.

PFWA Membership Application

Prospective PFWA members should fill out the below form and submit. The PFWA Membership Committee will review the application & decide on acceptance. If accepted, information will be forwarded about payment of dues. If rejected, you will be contacted by email.

Please submit only one application to the PFWA. Please allow two to four weeks for a decision on membership.


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Which NFL events — specifically games, training camp, in-season interview/practice sessions, Super Bowl, NFL Combine and NFL Draft — do you receive credentialing from a NFL club (games, training camp, in-season interviews/practice sessions) or the NFL Communications Department (Super Bowl, NFL Combine, NFL Draft) to provide coverage? (Check all that apply): *
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